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    Laura ESFA

    FE funding for 2019 to 2020 is now contracted using a new contract framework.
    The purpose of the framework is to:

    – reduce the number of separate agreements that providers will hold with us
    – ensure that we work consistently together across our agreements
    – update the agreements with the latest commercial best practice

    The agreements are formed of a main terms and conditions body and schedules. You can find more information, along with the agreements, at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/esfa-education-and-skills-contracts-2019-to-2020.

    To seek feedback and understand how you use the agreements, we are hosting a Q&A thread on this forum, with access to in-house experts from relevant teams.

    We are seeking general feedback from providers but also specifically how often you use the agreements, what you use them for, how easy/difficult the agreements are to use, and what you see as the costs to your organisation of complying with them.

    We would also like you to complete a brief survey regarding the new agreements.

    Please remember not to share commercial or learner information on this thread. If you have a specific query involving commercial or learner information then please complete our online enquiry form

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    Martin West

    The following in the schedules – Service Requirements – Outputs matrix Standard accreditation only applies to 16-18 Traineeships, Apprenticeships carry-in and AEB delivery is this correct and that it does not apply to any other provision?

    The «ProviderTerm» must provide high quality and easily accessible information and advice in helping individuals to understand the opportunities and support available to them about education, training or connected matters (including employment);
    a. Where one of the main objectives of the Provision to be provided under this Agreement is to deliver information and advice, the «ProviderTerm» will have to have or attain the matrix Standard accreditation within the Funding Year; and
    b. If the information and advice is embedded as part of the delivery of the Provision the «ProviderTerm» must work towards achieving the matrix Standard accreditation within the Funding Year.
    c. Where the Provision is delivered by a sub-contractor on behalf of the «ProviderTerm», the requirements set out in sub-paragraphs 16.a and 16.b must be applied to the sub-contractor. This does not apply where the «ProviderTerm» retains responsibility for the delivery of information and advice to the Learners.
    d. Once achieved, matrix Standard accreditation is valid for three years. As part of their accreditation, the «ProviderTerm» is required to successfully demonstrate their continuous improvement activities to their matrix Assessor using the online Self-Assessment Tool https://matrixstandard.com/self-assessment-tool/ on an annual basis.

    Response from ESFA:

    At present the only areas of funding that require Matrix Standard accreditation are those listed, namely: 16-18 Traineeships, Apprenticeships Carry-in, and AEB delivery.

    However, the extension to the Contract for Services Adult Education & Training also contains the requirement, although it is not part of the education and skills agreement framework subject to this Q&A..

    It should be noted that colleges and schools/academies delivering post-16 provision have a statutory obligation to deliver careers guidance.

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    Laura ESFA

    Hi Martin,

    Just to reassure you that we are looking into this issue for you and will post a response as soon as it comes through.




    Laura ESFA

    HI all,

    Do feel free to provide any feedback or ask any questions on the new contract framework. Our subject matter experts will be on hand for today and tomorrow to address your queries.




    Martin West

    Would not the subject matter experts to know the answer?

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