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    If a learner completed the practical period before 31st July 2020 and assume the planned end date also before 31st July 2020, and then subsequently achieved afterwards, is the Learning actual end date the trigger for inclusion for overall achievement or the achievement date to confirm which cohort year they fall into. My assumption would be they would sit in the 19-20 cohort in this scenario. The ESFA then use P1-P4 data to capture the outcome. Are there any flexibilities on the recording of outcomes if delays are Covid related?




    it’s Achievement Date, so EPAs completed after 1 August will have a Hybrid End Year of 20/21.

    The only current flexibility is they aint publishing the rates by provider!!!

    I’m going to do a webinar about this soon, follow me on twitter @stevehewittmis for details.



    Thanks for confirming Steve


    Tracey McGaulley

    Hi Steve, sorry to ask but I am now a little confused. I originally assumed that the overall achievement date would be used for standards but we then had notification from our software provider that the date used to calculate QAR for standards in 19/20 is the learning actual end date (so end of practical period) not the overall achievement date. I now understand you to say above that it is the achievement date ?

    Also what would you class as the achievement date – the date the last element of EPA was sat or the date of/on the results notification from the EPA – as I am sure you are aware these do differ, often by a good few weeks!

    I have been looking for the QAR technical guidance for 19/20 but have been unable to find it – probably not issued as yet ?



    Hi Tracey

    Yes, you’re right, the 19/20 guidance has not been published yet, however the 18/19 guidance includes The Field That Is Called Achievement Date as part of the Hybrid End Year calculation, so I can’t believe they would take it away again… Which software provider is it, if you don’t mind me asking?

    The value that goes in The Field That Is Called Achievement Date is when the learner completes all elements of the End Point Assessment.


    Tracey McGaulley

    Hi Steve

    Yes, I had seen the inclusion of yet another addition to the Hybrid End Year calculation/rationale, hence me coming to my original conclusion which was the same as yours.

    Our software provider is Pellcomp – I ran an achievement report from the system yesterday to double check & it does appear to be the ‘learning actual end date’ (practical period end) not the achievement date that they are using in their calculation……..or at least that is the only end date included in the data within the report ?!



    Normally when we mention Pellcomp they pop up here to give an answer 😉

    Theoretically, this should have been in any 18/19 calc as well BUT as there weren’t actually any Ach Dates in the data AND it was introduced very very late not overly surprised they’ve missed it up until now…

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