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  • Zaheer_Patel

    Good Afternoon,

    When a learner completes a standard, the last learning date is reflective of when the standard has been completed and the learner has hit gateway.

    When the learner achieves, does the date reflect the same as the learning end date or when the EPA was achieved (actual EPA date)?

    TIA, Zaheer



    Actual End Date is gateway date.
    Achievement date is when the learner has completed EPA.

    As you’ve titled the post QAR, will point out that Achievement Date is likely to determine which QAR Hybrid End Year the learner falls into.


    Martin West

    Hi Zaheer,
    When the learner has completed the practical period you record the Actual end date but the learner has not completed EPA and the completion status remains as 1 until the EPA has been completed when you update the completion status to 2 and then add the Achievement date as the date the EPA was completed.
    Repeat of what Steve has said



    Hi Steve, exactly my next question!

    I had assumed that in this instance, a learners planned end date is in 19/20 and the achievement date is in 20/21 but does not appear in 19/20 QAR reports.

    I would have thought that QAR are based on learning end dates??

    My QAR reports are also showing that these learners are not timely even though they completed their learning (gateway) before their planned end date or definitely within 90 days??


    Martin West

    I was waiting for Steve to answer:
    What 19/20 QAR report?
    There is no QAR timely achievement rates?
    It is the achievement year (achievement date) that is used in the QAR for Standards.



    Per the 18/19 Technical Guidance (because there isn’t any 19/20 guidance), Hybrid End Year is latest of:

    Achievement Date
    Actual End Date
    Planned End Date

    So they’re definitely 20/21 HEY if they’re AchDate is after 1 August.

    “Timely” doesn’t exist for Standards, so you shouldn’t have a report for it!!! 😉



    Sorry guys,

    I am pulling indicative reports off my MIS and they are still showing timely / overall for all learners still!

    If there is no more ‘timely’, are we now only monitored on overall achievement rates?



    For Standards, yes.

    If you’ve got any Frameworks, they still have Timeliness.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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