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  • RichC

    Hello – I’m currently forecasting our achievement rates, and I’m getting myself in a right pickle. I appreciate they are not being ‘published’ this year, but I imagine they will still come knocking if they are under minimum standards!

    Can I just try and clarify, which date does QAR use to determine the achievement hybrid year? Is it the ‘programme end’ or the ‘achievement/EPA last date’?

    For instance, a learner completes their programme this side of the 1st August, but does not pass EPA until after 1st August, will the achievement count in this year, or next year?

    Or does any learner that finishes their programme then have until R04 to achieve their EPA? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?!

    Really appreciate any clarification on this.




    it is the achievement date. This was a very late modification to the 2018/19 business rules and caught me out for one for the final internal analysis of the 2018/19 year.



    Thanks Chris – but ouch! Our EPAs are on a major go slow due to furlough so thats gonna be a royal pain.

    Is what it is I guess . . .


    Martin West

    They use the actual and planned end date to determine the hybrid end year, the achievement date field is used to record completion only and is not used to determine the end of training. The aim of the change to using the actual end date for the end of training was to allow for reporting of timely achievement in the QAR in the future.

    Chris: until 2018/19 the actual end date included the EPA and there was no achievement date recorded.



    Argh this is where it blows my mind.

    So for example, Martin:

    – Learner planned end date is: May 2020
    – Programme finished in May: 2020
    – EPA isn’t achieved until: August 2020

    Would the learners hybrid end year be 2020/21 or 2021/22?

    We are dealing with a really small cohort of learners for current year, so need to be crystal clear what the impact of losing learners to future year is going to have.





    Martin West




    That is music to my ears! Cheers gents.



    Hi Martin,

    my comment is based on this statement from the QAR team earlier this year:

    It was necessary to update the Technical Specifications after R04 had been collected – the reason for doing so was to improve the accuracy and integrity of QAR. This change was necessary because of the changes made in the ILR specification for 2019/20 regarding how the achievement of standards on FM36 are reported. We had expected to make the corresponding change in the 2019/20 QAR business rules but during testing we identified that actual end dates in 2018/19 and achievement dates in 2019/20 had been reported in R04. We were not expecting to see this and identified that some providers might have missed paragraphs 319 to 323 of the 2019/20 Provider Support Manual when returning their R04 ILR data. The change was therefore necessary to identify achievement dates from 1 August 2019 onwards and prevent their incorrect inclusion in the 2018 hybrid end year based on the 2018/19 actual end date reported in R04 because that date is no longer telling us when the standard was achieved.

    It is saying that where an achievement date had been incorrectly entered in the ILR for a record for a 2018/19 planned and actual end date and the achievement date is in the 2019/20 year the overall achievement counts in the 2019/20 and not the 2018/19 year as expected. I saw this in practice where erroneously the achievement date field should have been left blank.

    I had counted these apprentices internally as achievers in the 2018/19 year however the final QAR sees them in the 2019/20 year.



    Yeah, sorry Martin and Paul, but learners with Ach dates after 1 August are going to have a Hybrid End Year of 2020/21.

    Per V2 of the 18/19 Tech Spec (which we have to assume will be repeated in 19/20), Ach date has been added to the HEY calculation:

    15. We base the overall QAR on the hybrid end year, which is the latter of:
     the achievement year of an apprenticeship
     the actual end year of an apprenticeship
     the planned end year of an apprenticeship
     the reporting year

    So Acheivement Date is very much the deciding factor, not just a thing for Timeliness…



    Cheers Steve – corrected!

    It would be really useful if they published the detailed specification at the start of the year. There is no reason why they should not although I note in the headline document that was published in January states no change. Hopefully, they will publish an R12 in year version so that these sort of checks can be made. Even if they are not publishing NARTs, you still want to validate your figures.



    Back to square one . . . I don’t have a clue. Two say 2019/20 and two say 2020/21!

    Depending on which bits of the guidance you read, you can make a case for either . . .

    So let me get this right, we have worked with the learners, got them through their programme, completed any mandatory qualifications associated with their standard and get them ready for EPA . . . which the employer picks now, and because the EPA are taking too long because they decided to furlough staff, we lose the achievements from in year creating a smaller cohort so we are penalised greater for any withdrawals we do have?!




    That is absolutely correct. This is what has led to the national 2018/19 achievement rates being so low I would say for standards.

    Another one to watch out for is that you correctly code the records as 1,8 when the learning has been completed and awaiting EPA. If you process tham as 2,8s as we used to and that status is still present come the period 14/period 4 close they will count as fails in the 2018/19 year!

    It’s a good game if you don’t weaken!


    Martin West

    Thanks Steve you are correct (I am not often wrong, but I was on that) but why would they include the Achievement date for the 18/19 QAR when the ILR did not include the collection of the achievement date until 19/20.

    They have carried the same over to the 19/20 QAR so now it relies on when the EPAO can mange to undertake the EPA that determines which year is used in the measure.

    The following shows they are having second thoughts on this.
    12 We have changed the apprenticeship rules to account for the 2019 to 2020 ILR changes for apprenticeship standards. These are the changes to when you record the ‘Learning planned end date’, the ‘Actual end date’ and the ‘Achievement date’ fields in the ILR for apprenticeship standards only. Because of these ILR changes, we are reviewing how we calculate QARs for apprenticeship standards for 2020 to 2021. However, they will be unchanged for 2019 to 2020.

    RichC The answer is we do not know?

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