Quals with removed funding & registrations

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    The guidance for the 19/20 transfer process for qualifications with removed funding advised that we should enrol students on the larger two-year qualifications (eg Extended Diploma) and, if the student did not intend to return in 20/21, transfer them down to a smaller qualification. It says that the transfers must be made by 22 October 2020 with a caveat to check registration requirements.

    We always have a number of students who say they intend to return and don’t, and some who don’t intend to return but do. Ideally, we’d like to wait until September before transferring them. OCR have implied that as long as the students are registered on the right family of quals, we don’t need to worry about the last date for new starts. If the dropdown qualifications have a LDNS of 31 July 2020, should the transfer and registration take place before then or is there some leeway? If you’ve got similar issues, what do you intend to do?



    It just needs to be accurately reflected in your R14, so, when the learner *doesn’t* come back in September, you set up the transfer so it happened in their last week of learning in June, because that’ll be before the LDNS.



    Thanks for the prompt reply Steve. That keeps the ILR happy but will there be a problem with the awarding body? Not being too familiar with the exams side of things, I’d assumed we wouldn’t be able to register the students with the AB on a qualification after its LDNS. Really daft question – is the LDNS purely ILR-related, as in a learner only has to be enrolled on the qualification before the LDNS and it’s got nothing to do with the AB?



    Short answer is yes?

    Also, if they’re already registered for the Ext Dip, I think it’s relatively straightforward (and/or my exams managers have always been brilliant) to move them down?



    Does anyone know if there is any guidance on whether the same rule will apply on the nested qualifications for 20/21 as has been in place for 19/20 (eg. amending qual from extended to cert where learners decide not to return?)



    This is meant to be a one off because these quals are being switched off.

    I’ve been trying to get unambiguous guidance (re)published on transferring down for best part of three years. Because I am a dinosaur, I *believe* these rules still apply:

    Here is the thing that says you can’t transfer to a smaller qual at the end of year one when a learner leaves

    Here is the guidance on nested quals

    But if you’ve joined the sector in the last DECADE, how could you possibly know?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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