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    I’ve downloaded my R04 monthly report and it’s now showing all payments including additional payments. Does anyone know if the amount showing in the total column will be the payment for this month? Or is the report just highlighting all the additional payments that haven’t been shown in the R01 to R03 reports?

    Thanks in advance.



    The period 4 detail is showing the additional payments cumualative to date so can’t be used as a simple check of what you are to be paid this month.

    I am just wading through this and have not reached the point of actually working out what additional payments are actually to be paid this month by subtracting what we received for P1-P3. I am hoping it comes out in the wash as they say!


    Martin West

    Hi Chris,
    The truth is it is not a Monthly Payments Report anymore and I do not recognise it as relating to any account practice.
    They got in a mess and now reconciliation is a nightmare.



    Thank you for your responses. I have always used this report to track our payments. Is there a better way now?



    Hi both,

    the ESFA does not recognise or even care about the problems they have caused here. In OFSTED terms in my opinion this is inadequate without doubt.

    I have literally just discovered another annoyance. A record has been paused in DAS by an employer which is holding back the P4 levy payment. P1-P3 is correct. There is a problem however for the functional skill for this record. The aim was live for P1, 2 and 3 however the monthly payments report does not even shhow this functional skill anywhere so it looks like to me the payments for P1-3 are going to now be reversed out!! GRRR!!!!

    I wonder if this whole mess is part of a primary school project, they could probably do better.

    If this upsest anyone at the ESFA, you know what I don’t care either! I have been doing this stuff now for long enough to know what I am doing and how to do a good job, as confirmed by OFSTED on numerous occasions by the way!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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