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  • Ben Mountney

    Long-time reader, first-time poster.

    For our R10 2018 submission we have had a number of learners returned from validation with the error code R108 – Learner destination and Progression not present. I noticed this was a validation issue on the ‘Know Issues’ for R09 but not on R10’s.

    These learners are Temporarily Withdrawn (code 6). I have looked through the support manual etc and cannot find clarification on recording the D&P record for temporarily withdrawn learners. The validation rules states anything <>6, so surely this shouldn’t be being returned?

    Can anyone confirm what, if anything, needs to be recorded in the D&P record for Temporarily Withdrawn learners.


    Martin West

    Hi Ben,
    They say: This rule is triggering incorrectly and has been raised as a defect with our technical team. This rule has now been fixed and is triggering correctly for R10.

    Are you sure that the code 6 has been applied correctly as a DP record is not required for those on a BIL.
    If you have correctly code the BIL with code 6 then I would report the issue to the Service desk.


    Ben Mountney

    Many thanks for your swift reply Martin. Have doubled checked the ILRs and I believe that I have found the problem. There is a component aim completed on the same day that the main aim was recorded as temp. withdrawn and I believe that these would have to be a day apart. I have updated these dates accordingly and the R108 rule is no longer being returned.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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