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    Please can anyone advise how to correct this error, apologies if it’s already been covered in a previous post.

    ZPROG001 R113 The Learning actual end date is not known, then the Date applies to record must not be returned.

    The Programme aim has a planned start and end date of 9th August 2017 to 9th August 2018, and actual end date has been entered as 9th August 2018 .

    However this apprentice is coming up with the above error as there is a criteria in the report set that says that if the actual end date is after 31-Jul-2018 then NULL is returned.
    See below-we use UNIT-e.

    Decode(Replace(Convert(nvarchar,Greatest(Enrolment ISR/ILR.A31 (Q18-M06) Actual End,To date [date](’31-Jul-2018′)),106),’ ‘,’-‘),’31-Jul-2018’,Substring(Convert(varchar(10),Enrolment ISR/ILR.A31 (Q18-M06) Actual End,120),1,10),Null) “LearnActEndDate”

    has anyone else experienced this or has any suggestions of how to resolve

    thank you very much,


    Martin West

    This errors applies to ACT record for the aim but are you adding an end date in the 2017/18 or 18/19 record?



    Hi Martin

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I have only created one ACT record, which originally had the start date and then I entered an end date to match programme end date.
    Do I have to create another ACT record if the apprentice finishes in another academic year?
    If so what would the start and end date be in 2nd record? Would I leave the end date as null for the 1st ACT record

    thanks again



    Martin West

    Hi Firoza,
    If you are amending a 2017/18 Record you cannot enter an end date after 31/7/2018.
    As your end date is 9/8/2018 you can only do this in the 2018/19 record and it is this record you update the ACT to date.

    Not sure how UNIT-e handles records for each year you may need to ask your software supplier.



    Thank you very much for all your help with this Martin,
    you’re always there to save the day 🙂

    Can I be really cheeky and ask if you’ve seen my other apprenticeship query today?

    Thanks again.




    I agree Firoza – i wish i had a Martin to hand all the time!:-)

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