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  • Jessica95

    Hi All,

    We are new to apprenticeships (FM 36) and have successfully submitted our first ILR for R12 with no errors!

    However we’re struggling to find any specific information on R13 and R14, and what exactly it is we need to do for those periods. We’re only aware that R1 and R2 for 20/21 run alongside these so we’re getting ourselves confused.

    Could anybody point us in the right direction?

    Many thanks


    Martin West

    R13 and R14 relate to your 2019/20 funding claim and allows you to update your R12 ILR data for any late changes and completions dated prior to 01/08/2020 during the preceding 3 months so that the final return includes any additional funding for the contact year that has been added after R12.

    After R12 19/20 you migrate your date to R01 20/21 and keep separate copies of each ILR year which you then update.

    The process dates are:
    R12 06/08/2020 Contract year 19/20 ILR
    R01 04/09/2020 Contract year 20/21 ILR
    R13 14/09/2020 Contract year 19/20 ILR
    R02 06/10/2020 Contract year 20/21 ILR
    R14 20/10/2020 Contract year 19/20 ILR (final claim)




    Thanks Martin, that helps.

    Another quick question, on the basis we have only one submission in R12 for new learners who started in July, we won’t have any completions and are unlikely to have late changes before 01 August 2020.

    Do we still need to make submissions for R13 and R14?


    Martin West

    It is best to return R13 and R14 even if is no different to R12, it is normal to get late changes over the 3 months Sep to Nov that relate to 2019/20.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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