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  • Peter Hancock

    We’ve now seen 11 validation errors in our R13 against rule LSDPostcode_02 for aims that have been in our ILR for many months without error. It seems that the validation rule was updated in version 7 on 6th July, but even the R12(after the rule change) had no error.

    Wondering if anybody else has seen this error appear unexpectedly in their R13?



    Hi Peter

    Are they NE postcodes? There’s a known issue about the North of Tyne CA postcodes being picked up in R13, rather than just R01.


    Peter Hancock

    Hi Steve,
    No, but close (not geographically!). In fact, they’re NP, which is Newport, Wales. We get small numbers of cross-border learners as our boundary runs to the edge of England. FUnding rules permit small numbers of cross-border learners where we are not actively recruiting over the border, etc etc…

    Did the issue with NE postcodes just arise in the R13?



    Yes, the NE thing only appeared on R13 (North of Tyne only started with their own AEB 1 August), never known it to *error* on Welsh postcodes?

    The only thing I can think of is are they flagged as a devolved Source of Funding (although that would’ve errored from day one…), you can’t have any learners from outside the area on those whether it’s Wales or other bits of England.


    Martin West

    It is currently a known issue at R13



    I am still getting this error even though it says on the known issues document that the error is resolved. Is anyone else still getting this error?



    I am having the same problem and have been advised by the service desk DAM code 001 is needed when funding a learner with 105 who lives across the boarder. My problem is that PICS does not give me the option for a DAM code when its SOF is 105.

    Has anyone managed to over come this error?




    DAM code for non-devolved work seems perverse…

    Looking at the validation rules for LSDPostcode_02 I’d be very tempted at this point to flag them as Restarts (for today only) as that seems to exclude them from the validation rule in the same way that DAM 001 does…

    Remember to take it off after you’ve submitted though!



    This was the response from the service desk

    “ We have made a change which affects validation rule LSDPostcode_02 for certain learners with postcodes in Scotland or Wales.

    We updated this rule to fix an earlier problem, and it now reflects the ILR validation rule specification for the 2019/20 ILR year. However, the effect has tightened validation at R13, so the validation rule is triggering for learners which passed validation at R12. Please accept our apologies for making this change at such a late stage of the ILR year.
    The change affects learners where the learning start date postcode (LSDPostcode) is in Wales or Scotland and the source of funding is 105 (Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) – Adult). This aspect of the rule was not operating correctly before R13.

    We have this rule because the ESFA does not have responsibility for funding learners not resident in England, so Scottish and Welsh postcodes are not marked with source of funding 105 in our AEB postcode reference data, which is used by this validation rule.

    The Adult education budget (AEB) funding rules 2019 to 2020 specify that the ESFA will fund Scottish or Welsh learners in exceptional circumstances, but that we do not expect to fund them in significant numbers.

    If a learner is legitimately eligible to be funded by us according to the funding rules, the provider should use “Devolved Area Monitoring” (DAM) code 001 (postcode validation exclusion), within the Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring (LearningDeliveryFAM) codes for that learning aim. This should stop validation rule LSDPostcode_02 from triggering.”



    [eric morecombe saying “rubbish” gif]

    There have been Scottish and Welsh leaners in this data F O R E V E R and they’ve never errored before, this is an awful way to force them through, it’s not like LSDPostcode_02 wasn’t working on the learners it’s *really* important are correct in devolved areas…

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