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  • Emma M


    I’ve just checked my R14 Data Match reporting and seem to have additional errors I didn’t have in my reporting at hard close. I have no idea where they’ve come from and they’ve never been on it before – has anyone else noticed anything odd, or seen anything that explains any anomalies? I’m having a look around now but I’m struggling to see anything.




    Same here,
    we had a clear mismatch report on the 8th & 9th October, submitted the final R14 on the 9th and today the period end report has errors on it from back at R12.

    We logged a call with the helpdesk who closed it within 15 minutes saying it had been passed to the apprenticeship service.

    so so so beyond impatient with them now.

    Ben F.


    Emma M

    Hi Ben,

    I’m glad it’s not just me – we’ve had an absolute nightmare with DLOCK’s this year as it is (all on the AS side, not us) so seeing this this morning was the last thing I wanted. I already have another query open with the AS about another person we closed in the 1718 funding year who has triggered in the service as a data mismatch! I’ve e-mailed the ESFA, so I’m guessing they will pass it onto the AS shortly. One of our errors goes all the way back to November 2018!

    Thanks for confirming I’m not going completely mad!




    Are they levy transfers?

    We have a lot of unexpected DLOCK_11 errors in this R14 Data match report. They are showing the non Levy employer name not the Levy transfer paying one.


    Emma M

    Unfortunately not – we’re an Employer Provider.



    Not transfers for me either, ours were previously identified as “Not a Levy Employer” due to an error at HMRC end, that issue has since been fixed and they disappeared off the mismatch list but they are back now.


    Ruth CJ

    We’ve had a couple of extra apprentices show up too. The Data Match from the month end HUB reports, has two more than the one generated from the SLD at the time, from the exact same ILR. Looking back at our R13 reports it was the same; Apprentices on the month end data match that weren’t on the data match that comes out soon after you submit an ILR, even though the ILR data was identical. It would appear that the data match report that you can get whenever the HUB/SLD is open, is not using exactly the same logic as the month end one. That’s somewhat problematic when you can’t get the month end one until the return is closed, the last one is a month out of date, and the one that’s available is missing records. I’ll have to see if this persists in 19/20, once we get some proper month end reports.


    Caspar Verney

    What are these systems good for?

    Edwin Starr



    We’ve noted six learners have had all funding removed from R14 submission. Some price changes occurred and it appears to have affected these learners. However, it does not appear correct that the learners have had funding clawed back in R14 .

    • The ILR data changes appear to be accurate and the process for updating price changes in the ILR was followed correctly.
    • Indicative R14 funding reports showed these ILR adjustments to have been successful with correct funding being drawn down. There was no indication that the learners were not be continue to be funded at R14.
    • There were no data validation or data match errors against the learners.



    There are a batch of price mismatches on ours that clearly match!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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