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  • lynnesmithNLTG

    We have a number of learners flagged on the FRM12 Recording Co-investment payment report where either:
    – co-investment is being collected in instalments, PMR records have been added for contributions received across 18/19 and into 19/20 but the R14 report is only picking up PMR’s added in 2018/19
    – the learner enrolled at the very end of July and the employer started to pay co-investment in August so again the report isn’t picking up PMR records added in 19/20.

    This makes it look as though the required amount of co-investment hasn’t been collected when it has. There doesn’t seem to be any impact on either the R13 or R2 reports – funding is reconciled monthly (so inline with the 3 month rule) but as they are on the FRM reports,I just wanted to check if anyone can foresee any issues ahead of R14?




    Martin West

    The period end reports only report the Total employer contribution collected (PMR) up to and in this funding year that is up to 31/07/2019, as the FMR12 only reports what is outstanding from what should have been collected in the funding year the comparison is valid.
    Unless you collect contributions upfront there will be a delay in recording payments, but these reports are only to inform you, they are not error reports but reports of fact on what has been recorded on the 18/19 ILR so that you can chase up any payments that are overdue.
    The R13 and R14 reports will not include any payments made that are included in the 19/20 ILR.



    Thanks Martin – that was my understanding but wanted to double-check!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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