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  • Kirsty Stroud

    I am trying to reconcile our funding and every month the remittance amount, apps indicative report and the payment report never seem to reconcile?
    Does anyone have any useful tips, as I have contacted the data team several times and they don’t seem to be able help.
    Thank you in advance.



    Kirsty – the apps indicative earnings and funding summary reports are ‘best case’ (i.e. no data match errors or money left on your contract for eg non-levy or AEB).
    I use the apps monthly payment report.

    I keep track of remittance amounts per funding line to date, last month’s monthly payment report, then look at this month’s (I total up from 1 August to end of the upload period). The ESFA always pay by reconciliation (to take into account late notified starts/achievers/withdrawals), so I take this month’s total and minus the total last month. What I expect to be paid is the difference. Normally get very close to the actual.




    Davej – Have you had any issues recently with the Gov not producing the Apps Monthly Payment Report that you mention above?
    We can no longer view it and its causing more issues as each day passes.



    Yep. They’ve promised we’ll get this for Period 3. Awaiting with baited breath.


    Kirsty Stroud

    The Apps Monthly Payment Report was available for Period 2 but is in the history tab and I believe the folder is Period end reports.

    Davej – How are you reconciling Period 14?

    Thanks for your help.



    I know it’s ridiculous, but the P14 is available on the old hub in the period end reports.

    It’s like trying to find your way with a 1990 sat nav!



    Hi Kirsty,
    there is a (somewhat) helpful document released by the ESFA which should make reconciling at R03 easier.. there is also now a ledger code (“Contract no”) in the period end reports which should actually allow us to work out what line on the remittance the learners actually belong to.

    Hope that helps
    Ben F.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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