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  • Ewan Freeman

    We are an employer provider and have a learner returning to the business from an agreed break in learning with the following context:

    Original Start Date: September 2018
    Original Planned End: October 2019
    Agreed BIL began: August 2019 (month before planned end date)
    Learner returned: November 2019

    The agreed break in learning was recorded on the ILR as per guidance but I’m not not confident with what needs to be done to sucesfuly restart the learning aims.

    Am I right in thinking I need to create new programme/component aims and mark both as restarts? If so do I also have to calculate the cost of delivery for the outstanding elements or is that identified from the previous records? Are all other fields on the “new” aims completed as they would have been originally or do some fields need to be omitted?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


    Ruth CJ


    It’s in paragraphs 669 – 679 of the Provider Support Manual. The first bit in that document about restarts is about adult funded learners. You just have to know that there’s a separate bit about apprenticeships.

    The key bit you need is “The price recorded on the new programme aim should be the same as the
    price prior to the break in learning unless you and the employer have negotiated a
    new price for the programme”.



    In the case of a Levy learner – i’m a little confused about what to do about the Levy Pot. I finally have a learner returning from a BIL (I knew the dreaded day would come) and have no idea how to deal with the DAS.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Martin West

    Hi cjs1,
    When a learner is on a BIL the Levy Account is paused but when restarted in the ILR the pause is automatically lifted you do not have to do anything in the levy account.



    thanks Martin – but the PED will no longer match? I see a DLOCK coming on!!


    Martin West

    There is no Dlock for the PED

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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