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    Does anyone know if it is necessary to have all co-investment recorded as received for learners who are continuing learning into 19/20 before the hard close?

    I am assuming I would only need to have all co-investment recorded before the hard close for learners who are completing prior to 31st July 2019 to ensure we get the completion payment?

    I am just looking at he the FRM12 report and can see continuing learners haven’t had all required co-investment recorded yet – as we invoice after we receive the co-investment reports so we know what to invoice for? Maybe better to do in advance or all up front?



    Martin West

    I think you just answered your question


    Ruth CJ

    I think the answer is, we’re not sure.

    I think the ESFA don’t automatically withhold On Programme Payments if you haven’t collected sufficient co-investment. When I queried this with the ESFA, all they would say is that they “reserve the right” to withhold payments. I took that as “No, we don’t automatically stop payments, but we don’t want you to know that, as we think you’ll abuse this”.

    I believe they do automatically withhold Completion Payments though.

    I may be wrong on both the above.

    We always invoice up front. We know how much they have to pay, and most pay in one go. Some pay in instalments. The only ones we invoice after the reports come in, are the levy payers with insufficient funds (as we couldn’t know about those in advance).



    Thanks for the replies.

    I think the same as you where they withhold the completion payment (as I have seen this)but not OPP. Although I am aware they ‘could’ do the latter.

    I think we will invoice upfront going forward – especially now it’s dropped to 5%.



    This was our response from the ESFA that may help:

    Thank you for contacting the service desk regarding outstanding co-investment payments due for a learner who has completed in the 18/19 academic year.

    If the learner has completed in the academic year 18/19 but you are unable to record co-investment (PMR record) within the learner’s data to release the completion payment. Then please continue to include this learner in your 19/20 data and record the co-investment when received.

    The completion payment will be released when all outstanding co-investment payments due, are received and recorded in the learner’s data.

    Kind regards



    Martin West

    That is the normal ILR rule that you only include data up to the 31st July in an ILR year
    Another that needs to be added to the migration guidance



    We have a few Levy employers whom I have to invoice every month for co-investment contributions at 10% or 5% against some of their learners, based on how much they have gone over their levy pot.

    The invoices are based upon the Apps co-investment contributions report, and are always retrospective, I cannot send out the invoice for July until I get the report mid August.
    The employers pay regularly, but always a month or so after the invoice is sent out, so their learners are always showing up on the FRM12 report as being behind, and making it more difficult to keep track of those that do need chasing up.

    These employers have had a number of completions in June & July, and the co-investment payment have been received and recorded in Aug / Sep / Oct. Based on the FRM12 for R13, these payments do not show, so will not show for hard close R14. It will appear that the employer has not paid their contributions toward the outcome.

    How do I ensure that we do not lose the outcome payments? Send the learner data in 19/20?
    It is still going to look bad on the FRM12 for R14.



    Martin West

    See the reply from the ESFA above, the ESFA will process the completion payment in 19/20 when all co-investment has been reported as from their current records and not based on the R14 FRM12.


    Ruth CJ

    Another thing to remember to migrate into the following academic year. I’ll have to keep an eye on these.

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