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  • davej

    Some confusion among colleagues.
    If an employer is paying the 10% contribution of £100 per month.
    Do we
    a) put in a payment record for training payment of £100, or
    b) on payment record for training payment of eg £80 and a second payment record for assessment payment of £20



    Martin West

    It all depends on how you set up the employer’s payment schedule, but I would only record the payments as PMR 1 (Training payment) until any payments towards EPA are due as this will save any adjustment if the learner was to withdraw prior to the EPA.



    Thanks Martin. You’ve backed up my method – get training payments upto full 10% of training costs, and then (at the end) get the 10% for EPA.



    Ruth CJ

    We had a think about this, and decided on the course of action Martin suggests. I think Finance (who are responsible for logging these) might have had stern words if I’d tried to get them to do otherwise!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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