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  • Deb Johnson

    We are getting reductions from our prime for level 1 awards taken in school. We specialise in hair and barbering apprenticeship’s and the certificates the learners have achieved have been level 1 in child’s play, performing arts, level 1 my first award in business to name a few none are relevant to hair or barbering and all have been completed at school

    Is this correct as we robustly skills check and initially assess our learner prior to enrolment the prime has no contact at this stage but adjusts end dates and funding as they feel right.


    Martin West

    Hi Deb,
    You should talk your Prime to understand why they are doing this, if all else fails ask them what the APL relates to and what element of training they want you not to deliver to the Apprentice due to the APL they have applied.


    Deb Johnson

    Thank you Martin, our Prime is using the funding rules regarding prior skills knowledge and behaviours and reducing the funding for any learner that has achieved any qualification in school regardless of the relevance to their apprenticeship so I will ask your question when our next reduction happens,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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