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  • Anna

    Can anyone shed any light?

    I have ran our Monthly Payment Report today to check it against the remittance advice slip that we have received and they don’t match! The remittance is a lot less than what is on the payment report. Does anyone know why this is?

    I have tried to ring the SFA help desk but I keep getting cut off.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    Morning Anna

    I have never in 4 years of doing this job role been able to reconcile SFA/ESFA remittances. Since the introduction of Levy/Non- Levy it has been almost impossible. Help Desk are no help at all. I do however have a document which may be able to assist you with your query, found on this link

    Good luck, and if you can resolve/reconcile please share 🙂



    Hi Anna

    I have managed to get ours to match each month by using the year to date figures and any capping figure for envelope 1.

    Try replacing the below with your figures, you will need the funding report for both the period you are checking and the previous period:

    Env 1 budget £300,000
    Env 2Budget £100,000

    P10 Actuals
    Env 1 320,000
    Env 2 £60,000
    YTD £380,000
    Exceeded Env 1 (capped) -£20,000
    YTD including Capping £360,000

    P11 Actuals
    Env 1 £330,000
    Env 2 £110,000
    YTD £440,000
    Exceeded Env 1 (capped) -£30,000
    YTD including Capping £410,000

    difference between YTD including capping:£50,000

    so the remittance payment would be £50,000
    and the minus (learner cap) on the remittance will be env 1 cap of -£30,000

    i hope that makes sense

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    Just jumping on this thread – can anyone confirm that the lines on the remittance which state “Levy AgencyFund” are provider 16-18 incentive payments and other additional payments/uplifts?
    And that the employer incentive payments come through on a separate remittance document?


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