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  • kathryna

    Good afternoon,

    I’m looking for some advice on reconciling remittance advices, as the remittances don’t indicate which academic year the payment relates to, are there any other indicators which can help me identify which year a payment relates to?

    Thank you.



    The remittance you’ve just received relates to the R01 you’ve just submitted, so is 20/21. What I’m not quite sure about is whether changes/completions etc that weren’t in R12 but related to pre-1 Aug are being paid now or will come in the R13 that closes today (and will be paid with the R02)…



    Like Steve has said above the latest remittance only relates to R01.

    Last year the R13 payment/clawback was combined the R02 in the same remittance and the R14 combined with the R03 so you will need to use the relevant payment reports once released to see the breakdown.

    I have no idea why they do not provide this breakdown on the remittance advice.



    Yes, just had this confirmed by a client, only August payments in the R01 remittance.

    I’m ***hoping*** they’ve taken the year of feedback on this particular remittance issue on board and we may see an improvement this year. Not holding my breath…



    Thank you for your responses.

    It’s the Apps which we are having trouble reconciling, especially as the contract numbers on the remittances carry over from one year to another!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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