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    Hi All
    Due to human error we have sent out a certificate to a learner without first taking a copy.

    The learner completed all elements of there framework and we had copies of all other Certs apart from one, it has taken 4 months for the learner to produce the cert so we can claim the framework, however because of the 3 month rule we have had to remove the Achievement.

    However in month 5 we have the framework Certificate, is it possible to put the Achievement date back in?

    Although it doesn’t say anywhere (that I can see) that we can’t, it also doesn’t say that we can.

    Any help would be much appreciated



    Caspar Verney

    You can put the Achievement Date in if you have documentary evidence to support it.




    Martin West

    Hi Laura,
    They used to say that we should work within the spirit of the agreement when it suited them.
    I would view this as a case where the learner has achieved and now that you have the evidence you should claim the achievement funding. The fact that you removed the achievement should demonstrate to any auditor that you are trying to work within the rules but I would say it is still in line with the spirit of the agreement and morally correct that you should claim the achievement funding. You could also argue that the 3 month rule applies to the certification dates and that it was only down to an error (human) why the evidence was obtained late.
    It is nice for a change to see that others do try and work within the rules, well done.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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