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    Just so everyone is aware, there are known issues with the reports from the Hub as follows:

    1/ Any report older than 10 days can no longer be downloaded. They are working on this as it should not be like this and the Hub should always remember all reports. In the interim you are advised to download copies of every report to your own PC as soon as possible. If you need to get reports from a submission older than 10 days then you will have to resubmit that file after first changing the datetimestamp within the filename and also within the first few lines of the XML data to something more modern than your most recent submission (help is available if you are in this position and need some) – please note that this will put the file through the latest versions of Rules, LARS, etc and so cannot match the earlier reports if things have changed in the Rules, LARS, etc.

    2/ When downloading reports from the Hub yesterday I repeatedly got the message that the file could not be downloaded – by repeatedly clicking Retry I eventually got them all downloaded.

    3/ The Employer ID validation is not up to date meaning that some Learners may fail completely for a supposedly invalid Employer ID (many others have reported the same syndrome on FeConnect) and yet upon investigation it is found that there is nothing wrong with the Employer ID’s (and OLDC reports no such problems and is currently driving the funding). This means that the Hub reports exclude those Learners making them somewhat unreliable.

    If anyone else has noticed specific issues on the Hub reports then please add them here or post workarounds if you have them to help everyone else.

    Many thanks,



    I too have the “failed” or partial download issue. Clicking “Retry” does work eventually.

    The issue I have is that last month our P05 OLDC was less than the FIS “PFR” from the Hub (the only learner by learner data source I have). This month it’s the other way around. The net difference is more than £100,000.


    Caspar Verney
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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