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    Does anyone know where in the funding guidance it specifies the minimum number of weeks a college programme needs to be if it’s “full time” please? (If it does specificy). As a specialist residential college we’ve always delivered 36 weeks, but with the changes to High Needs Funding in September 2013 are trying to work out if we can reduce this.
    Thank you to anyone who can help.


    Simon France

    We are a local authority provider and we always work on the guidance that 450GLH is the full-time threshold.



    Full Time Adult Student 13/14?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what annual hours make a ‘full-time’ adult student in 13/14, please?
    Are you sticking with 450 glh or moving this up to 540 to match the EFA definition? I cannot find anything in any of the SFA documents. I know it won’t change funding but may have an effect on the rules around Housing Benefit or for JSA claimants……….
    Thanks all

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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