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  • jessicar

    Only 2 years too late:

    Seems its finally been realised to publish official guidance than us all having to contact the helpdesk with the same questions, is more efficient….



    Aw, they’ve got rid of the intro!!! good thing I managed to screenshot it:

    also (per the tweet thread above), I think DLOCK_10 *never* goes away, unless they’ve fixed it?




    Yes we have DLOCK 10 errors that just stay on the report (unless its changed again?) – but i always check that the stop date matches our actual end date



    I have DLOCK_07 due to learners moving employer.

    ILR value is TNP3 (residual training) + TNP2 (Orig agreed assessment)

    App Service value is only looking at the orig costs – TNP1 + TNP2

    I’m not sure this guidance actually does tell me how to correct that – considering the issue is not with me?


    Martin West

    The guidance is really neither sufficient or detailed enough to enable Provider to resolve some of the complicated Dlock issues being reported.
    I think they have only issued this as they know there are going to be issues with Provider payments due to unresolved Dlock errors at year end.
    Even the A/S and service desk are unable to resolve some issues.



    I was told when I rang the helpline about DLOCK10 some time ago that it was equivalent to a warning and not an error.



    Great advice for DLOCK01, not! We have two learners previously with 3AAA. No chance of finding out who the employer was and ever getting them to stop the learners in TAS.



    @scottp Are the 3AAA learners not still with the same employer? Can the ESFA Intervention team help? Can the learners tell you?



    Thanks @jessicar. No these weren’t transfers, just new apprentices taken on. We’ve raised with the ESFA and awaiting their response. The other issue is when a DLOCK01 are caused by incorrect ULNs being used by a provider. The learners have never done an apprenticeship before!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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