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  • GaynorLF

    A learner withdrew from learning due to illness last year. No BIL was agreed so it was just a withdrawal.
    The learner and employer now want to restart the apprenticeship.
    If I code it as a restart without agreed BIL, as per ILR guidance, I don’t input an original start date.
    Does this mean that the learner has to fulfil the minimum duration requirements from the date of the restart?




    Hi Gaynor,
    If the learner is returning to the same apprenticeship programme with the same employer then you would add the 2 periods/episodes of training together to meet the minimum duration regardless of the reason/coding of the first period. The learner needs to be re-planned when they return to ensure that their end date is moved on to meet the minimum requirement on programme and also to ensure the learner has a realistic amount of time to complete the full learning element.

    The only exception to this in my eyes is if the learner did not complete the minimum 42 days in learning the 1st time round, in that case the learner would not have met the qualifying period, no funding would have been drawn down and a complete restart of programme would be most appropriate.

    Hope that helps,
    Ben F.


    Ruth CJ

    The validation rule that would trigger for a duration under 365 days, does not apply when you flag an apprenticeship as a Restart. It doesn’t worry about the Original Start Date. It might get picked up in a DSAT or other report, but as long as you can evidence the two episodes together meet the minimum duration, it’s fine. Ben’s right, you can add them together. It’s just a quirk that they’ll show up in reports because you’re not supposed to include the Original Start Date for restarts after unplanned breaks (though you do code it as a restart).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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