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  • Wayne H

    We are having a learner who was with another provider but after a break of employment for about 5-6 weeks they are withdrawing them with the intention of them restarting their apprenticeship with us as they’ve lost their contract.

    With only 6 months left of the programme i’m assuming this would have to be classed as a restart otherwise they wont meet minimum duration, the original start date was April 2018. Is the rules the learner will be aligned too would be from April 2018 as opposed to current 19/20 rules? I’m thinking around the 20% OTJ calculation for the remaining 6 months.

    Any help would be appreciated



    Martin West

    Hi Wayne,
    This looks like one that the falls between the cracks in the guidance as this is not a transfer to another provider as the Apprentice has been withdrawn due to a break in employment.
    This a restart after a withdrawal and as such the ESFA consider this as a new start for the minimum duration requirement of 12 months together with the required 20% min OTJ training requirement and where this cannot be net the Apprentices is not eligible for further funding.

    It is a common issue where learners change employers without considering the possible consequences where they have ended their Apprenticeship agreement.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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