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    Hi All,

    Hope you are well and starting to wind down for Christmas!

    I just wondered if you could help me on the following, we have a learner was originally 16-18 and took a Break in Training, When she returned she was 19+ however, we kept this as Fully Funded due to her age band when she initially started.

    I know previously I have read in the guidance that this is the correct thing to do however, I am struggling to find this paragraph now – please could someone point me in the right direction?



    I had the same scenario…it’s in the Provider Support Manual (Page 62) rather than the Funding Rules..

    13.2Eligibility for enhanced Apprenticeship funding
    445. Eligibility for enhanced Apprenticeship funding is recorded as a Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring record in the ILR.
    446. The table below shows the FAM Types and Codes to be used to indicate eligibility for enhanced Apprenticeship funding:
    FAM Type
    FAM Code
    To be used where
    Entitlement to 16-18 Apprenticeship funding where the learner is 19 or over
    The learner is re-starting a programme on or after their 19th birthday but is entitled to 16-18 funding due to a break in learning.

    Have a good Christmas
    Claire Stringer



    Thanks Claire, that’s great!!

    Hope you have a good Christmas too!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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