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    Does anyone return there EEP activites on the ILR?

    Can imagine its a massive burden as there’s extra aims to monitor on the ILR/DSAt etc, but there are obvious rewards in QAR.



    Are there? I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be!!!!

    Any activity regarded as EEP must, by definition be a Non-Qualification hour, so if you *are* recording them in your ILR they’d only be non-reg aims, so how do they help your QAR?

    Also, you definitely shouldn’t be recording them as aims (although I now can’t see this explicitly in the guidance)!



    Tbh we always thought we shouldn’t be recording them in the ILR, but have got to the point where we’ve forgotten why that was the case (because we always have done, or because we ve been told not to) and like you can’t find any info. The only thing i ve found is in PSM which is
    29. All learning aims undertaken as part of a study programme must be recorded on
    the ILR.

    We’re thinking we should be recording EEP hours that are based around preparing for work, life skills etc so there are a couple of CAT E learning aims in those subjects.

    Aren’t non reg aims included in the calcs – can’t see anything to say they are excluded from calcs.



    Non-reg are included, yes, but they’re not going to meaningfully improve the “real” stats, A-Levels, Dips, E&M…

    I think “learning aims” is a synonym for “qualifications” in that para though…

    I think the only study prog learners we use Z codes for are LLDD (or NEETs perhaps?) but, again, is it written down anywhere? no…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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