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  • kelseyl

    In case any of you haven’t heard (I certainly had no idea this was coming) as of today, Ladet has been decomissioned! The one tool that worked and it’s been taken away…. RIP!



    Oh no!!! Gutted now I am back to square one, when will LARA work properly?!


    Simon Dukes

    We have found it far more useful than the LARS. Ridiculous.



    I’m sure Nick said in one of his webinars that he would take it down unless there was a clamour to keep it – as LARS lite might be doing largely the same thing. Drop him a line and if it builds up enough momentum he’ll possibly re-instate.



    (of course bandwidth isn’t free, so we can’t really blame Nick for taking something down that is likely costing him a bob or two and that was kind of only a publicity stunt in the first place!)


    Andrew Tan

    I emailed Nick last night expressing my disappointment. I also used LARS Lite for the first time last night and in comparison to LADET, LARS Lite is just really clunky and cumbersome.

    If enough people are interested could we suggest to the SFA that they offer LADET on license from Nick?

    We are in the midst of our curriculum planning for 14/15 and had been using LADET with our curriculum managers. I’m really not looking forward to rolling out LARS Lite to them now!


    Martin West

    Nicks contribution of ’Ladet’ was welcomed by the sector at a time when all that we had was the SFA spreadsheet to work from.
    The truth is the SFA still do not have a full LARS database but they have provided LARS Lite and while some may still use or have a preference for Ladet we cannot expect Nick to continue to provide and support what is the SFA’s responsibility to do so.

    Well done to Nick Linford you provided what we needed at the time we needed it.



    It’s really a shame to see this go. RIP but can we petition SFA to do something. You can look at the LADET anywhere you are or go online, but with LARS lite, you have to be stuck to a PC. It’s a shame.

    It’s difficult to roll out LARS Lite to staff.

    Weldone and thanks Nike.



    Does anyone know how to get a table out of LARS lite that replicates the funded quals spreadsheets but also shows whether a qual is valid for 16-18, ASB, Apprenticeship etc. I have to provide details of funded quals to a number of staff (who don’t all have Microsoft access) and LADET was ideal for this. The problem with the funded quals spreadsheet is that it doesn’t give the whole picture.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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