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  • Dionne Jensen

    If we have had a short inspection in the last 3 years in which we maintained our grades of ‘Good’ are we able to answer ‘Yes’ to question PR4.

    The PR4 Question asks
    “Within the last 3 years have you had an Ofsted Inspection under the remit of FE and Skills, and been awarded an overall effectiveness grade of ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ and, maintained ESFA, SFA or EFA funding since that date.

    Many thanks




    Hi Dionne

    the following was posted in the ESFA Update of 20th Feb, which I think should answer your question……..

    We have received a number of queries on the RoATP application process. We can confirm we will accept short inspections, which confirm an overall grade of good no more than 3 years prior to the application where a provider was awarded:
    •an apprenticeship grade of outstanding or good in their most recent inspection, for the purposes of question PR-1 of the application
    •an overall grade of outstanding or good in the remit of FE and Skills for the purposes of question PR-4 of the application

    kind regards




    Hi – Where on my inspection report do I find our “apprenticeship” grade?

    Thank you



    Separate grades for ‘Apprenticeships’ were only introduced in 2016 I believe. Sounds like your full inspection was earlier. In this case you will need to answer ‘no’ to PR1 and complete the managers and leaders questions. You’ve also probably had a good grade at a short inspection since then but that doesn’t count. Stupid, I know!

    You can answer ‘yes’ to PR4 though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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