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    Does anyone know when ROTO is due to re-open please?





    current suggestion is “possibly never”…



    Hi Steve

    Seriously is this a possibility? If so how does a provider like ourselves who is on ROTO Due Diligence but didn’t feel it was the right time to complete the Compliance and Capacity ever able to move forwards? We offer construction training (skills gap sector) have used our sub-contract funding and have around £200K’s worth of learners on a waiting list wanted to start.

    The RoATP is only for apprenticeships so that isn’t relevant for AEB and Study Programme. What is the answer going forwards, we have been successfully trading for 8 years. Sub-contracting is fine providing the Primes share the funding at the right time of year June/July is no good to use for learners studying Level 2 Bricklaying or Plastering as the GLH is 589 and 789. We offer a roll on roll off flexible provision but with all the will in the world we can’t deliver this type of qualification is 1-2 months. Would anyone want someone working on their property who has only been trained for 1-2 months?

    Any suggestions.

    Many thanks




    sorry for the slightly glib response, but there’s certainly currently no indication that they have any plans to reopen it…

    Also, if you’ve got a multi-year relationship with a prime, there’s no reason for them not to contract you to deliver across funding years, unless they’re only using sub-contracting to get rid of their funding (which is explicitly banned in the sub-contracting Rules)…



    They do but our company has grown significantly with now over 200 learners on board and they can’t give me as much as we need. Another prime we work with has run out of funding and having spoken to many other Primes nobody has any funding available countrywide.

    There is talk of opportunities for growth after the March return but of course no guarantee of that. There wasn’t any opportunity for growth Dec/Jan.

    Colleges in particular seem to hang on to their funding and then distribute it later in the year when they discover they can’t use it themselves. As I said earlier we can’t deliver construction qualifications in a couple of months.



    Has anyone had any further info on when ROTO will open again? we are having a similar issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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