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    Can anybody assist? I’m at my wits end!

    I have a learner thrown out of the HUB Validation due to Rule R89.

    “The Learning actual end date for the latest programme aim must not be before the Learning actual end date of the latest component aim (not including maths & English)”

    I have looked in both the 17/18 & 18/19 Validation Rules, and R89 does not appear on any of the tabs, so its hard to get a completely clear understanding of what this error is.

    However i have done the obvious and have checked EVERY date in the learners entire ILR and can not see an issue, all their End Dates are the same/correct/and they are NOT before any of the other aim End Dates.

    Help!?! 🙁


    Martin West

    Hi Caz,
    It is in the validation rules on the cross record tab, this indicates you have a component aim with an actual end date after the programme aim actual end date.



    Thanks Martin

    I feel a bit of a Numpty, i looked at the Crossrecords tab, but didnt filter it (because it jumped from R7 to R100 i assumed there wast a R89!).

    However i’m still at a total loss, I’ve checked the learners ILR again and again.

    There is only the main Aim, and 2 Functional Skills, both of the FS have an End Date prior to the Main Aim date.


    Martin West

    Hi Caz,
    You will have a Programme aim and a main aim what dates do you have for these?



    Hi Martin, just been and treble-checked…

    ILR Tab 1: PICS Episode – Programme end Date 01.09.18
    ILR Tab 2: ILR Programme Aim – Learner Actual End date 01.09.18
    ILR Tab 3: Component Aims – Main Aim Learning Act End date 01.09.18

    1 of the FS is the same end date, another is an earlier date.

    The only other factors are that it is a New Standards learner, and they were Suspended previously and re-instated. But i have checked these a million times too, and last month i actually processed another learner in exactly the same situation – and they are fine.

    I can only assume my schoolboy error is sooo glaringly obvious – that i cant actually see it?!?


    Pellcomp Support

    Hi, Caz.

    Raise a job with us and we’ll be happy to take a look. Sometimes it’s not as obvious as you would hope!

    We’ll need a backup of your data, if you’ve not sent one in recently.




    Thanks Gav – think i will! I just felt it must be something obvious that i have missed.

    Were having huge Internet issues at our new office, so fingers crossed i can actually get a Back Up to you.


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