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    Apologies if this is obvious but can anyone confirm that the following error from FIS :

    “The learner is under 19 and the aim is not a qualification approved on Section 96 (31/12/2013) in LARS for this Learning start date (04/03/2014). The Date of birth returned is 22/03/1996.”

    is due to the Section 96 Approval End Date on LARS being 31/12/2013?

    I have a number of learners doing the same qualification (60041663) all under 19 but I do not get an error on all of them. I must be missing something but it would help if I could confirm that the qualification is not valid before I start looking for other issues.

    Thanks in advance.



    We have a similar error from FIS this month from qualification 50118948. In LARS Lite it is funded for 16-18 Apps, but the error mentions Section 96 Approval End Date. I thought that Section 96 Approval End Date was only relevant to EFA delivery, but I could have that wrong.

    What funding stream are you doing yours under?



    SFA code 35. I think that Section 96 applies to SFA as well but I could be wrong as well! 🙂



    Sorry, when I said funding stream I meant App, Adv App WPL etc

    If section 96 does apply then both our aims fail as the dates are in the past. I see that as a LARS issue though as it would not make sense for it to be funded under various programmes i.e. Apps, Adv Apps for it to then fail on this date.

    I think the best course now is to raise this with the data service.



    It is Advanced App Level 3 (Employed). I have logged my qualification with the helpdesk and await their response.
    Incidentally I went on

    and the dates did not seem to match the LARS dates so confusion reigns!



    Do you have some (but not all) flagged as Workplace Learning? Straightforward classroom delivery for <19 would be EFA funding model 25?



    Hi All

    Thanks to everyone for your responses. I am pleased to report the following from the Data Service:

    Any aims delivered to 16-18 year old learners have to be approved on Section 96, aim 60041663 has recently been extended on Section 96 and the approval end date is now 31 August 2014. Please note it can take up to 6-8 weeks for the extension to be available in LARS.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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