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  • Ruth CJ


    How do you determine who gets this field ticked? Obviously only 16-19 non-apprentices who don’t have an EHCP, but what kind of “educational provision” would you class as justifying this field to be ticked? My colleague wants to tick it for every student who received well being and/or mental health support, but I don’t feel that’s appropriate.

    Ultimately, does it really matter that much? Who uses this field?

    The definitions are;

    A learner with a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for them.

    Not collected for learners with an Education and Health Care (EHC) plan.
    – This field is only recorded for learners who have special educational needs at a lower level than those with an EHC plan but still need special educational provision with their learning.
    – Special educational provision is support which is additional or different to support usually available to young people of the same age in mainstream colleges.
    – This field is updated annually.



    I think that’s mainly an historic field from the 3 years when not every (high needs) LDD learner had an EHCP? Definitely wouldn’t use it for general well being/MH support…


    Ruth CJ

    I find it really frustrating that we still have ILR fields that seemingly nobody is using. I’ve got enough to do without these additional burdens. I remember there used to be ILR fields removed yearly, but I haven’t seen so many removed in recent years.


    Martin West

    Hi Ruth,
    SEN where recorded can evidence exemption from the M/E condition of funding.
    Student has SEN and/or disability, an EHC plan and is assessed as not able to study GCSE or stepping stone qualifications.


    Ruth CJ

    Ah yes, good point. But other than that, nobody really uses it?

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