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    Well we waited in anticipation but:

    2013/14 Simplified Funding Rates
    Excludes QCF Units, Generic and Class codes and Qualifications that will not be available in 2013/14 for new starts?

    The funding rate for each qualification available within Apprenticeship frameworks are not simplification but represents the 19-24 rates funded in 2012/13, it must have been too difficult for them to work out a solution and no clue to what funding for 16-18 will be.
    As Higher Specialist provision attracts an additional uplift do we have to do the calculation ourselves where WGT =G funding=Amount*(1.92/1.72)?

    Funding Rules 2013/2014 ALS
    Learning Support will be earned at a fixed monthly rate where it has been identified on the ILR against an identified learning aim but an indication of an amount would help but does this only apply to providers who are in receipt of a Contract for Services?
    For the rest of us it was indicated that ALS would remain the same as in the current ALR model but as this was an amount per SLN and there is no SLN it all seems a bit woolly, I assume we claim for what we use.

    The only reference to foundation learning is in the ESF definition for full-time education or training.

    The Crystal Mark and simplification, any comments?

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