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  • Matt Collishaw


    I have just been looking through our Employer co-investment reports (Period End) and something seems very wrong!

    We have learners/employers appearing on this report where they have the small employer flag ticked are down as 16-18 apprenticeships yet it is asking for a 10% payment to be collected from the employer. This is very worrying given that if this wasn’t spotted our finance team would be chasing employers for payments who do not have to pay.

    Has anyone else noticed this




    It was something I picked up on a while back and reported the problem (it is mentioned on here somewhere too) as it comes up in the FRM reports as well
    Should be fixed for this months claims



    I raised this as an incident with the helpdesk, their response was.

    Hi Martin,

    Unfortunately we have identified an issue with the Funding Calc which is incorrectly classifying some learners as co-funded and reporting an expected employer contribution for learners who should be fully funded.

    We are working on a fix for this and hope to have it available for R04. Once this is live it will correct any future payments but a further change, which will be made at a later date, will be required to correct the payments already made.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards, Sally


    Matt Collishaw

    Thanks all for your reply s… I am lost for words 🙂


    Ruth CJ

    We’ve also got one apprentice showing on this report who is levy funded. My assumption is that the employer has gone over their levy pot, but how are we supposed to know? The employers don’t seem to even be able to log a cohort half the time, I can’t see them easily managing their remaining balance. Is there any way we can work out how much of their levy pot is left? The apprentice could be partly levy funded, and partly co-funded. How do we know how much to invoice?

    I looked at the Apps Monthly Payment report, which tells me the “Planned number of on programme instalments for aim”. If I multiply that by the monthly amount it thinks we should be getting, it’s an even £160. The negotiated rate was £2,000. Do I derive from this that they had £400 left in their pot, so the remainder for co-funding is £1,600, hence the £160 co-investment expected? There’s got to be an easier way than that!

    My final whinge, is that we have students appearing on this report, where there is a zero in the “Total employer contribution collected (PMR) in this funding year” column. There is a value in the “Total co-investment (below band upper limit) due from employer in this funding year”, leading me to believe that we have money to chase. On inspection, however, some of these employers paid up front last academic year. That renders this report entirely useless for apprentices who started in a previous year! We’re could build our own report to counteract this, but our own report won’t show where an employer has gone over band maximum.

    What happened to the all singing reports we were promised to help us manage this? Are we expecting more than those three month end reports, or is that it?



    Hi All

    Glad to hear it’s not just me. When I reported this to service desk they were insistent that I must not be reporting them as a small employer. I am, of course. Obviously the reporting system so far is far from satisfactory but I will take a little comfort from knowing I’m not alone 🙂


    Matt Collishaw

    Hi All,

    I reported this to the service desk and got the usual useless response of this is on the known issue list.

    An issue has been identified with the Apprenticeship Funding Calculation where it is incorrectly classifying learners as co-funded and reporting an expected employer contribution for learners who should be fully funded. This issue will appear on the Apprenticeships Monthly payments report.

    This issue has been raised with our technical team as a defect and they are working on a fix.

    I’m just glad I spotted this before we started invoicing small employers! for safety I am no longer using the co-investment report and instead using the monthly app report filtering out the is small employer flag and then filtering the co-investment column


    Ruth CJ

    Anyone had a levy employer go over their pot? How did you find out, and hoe did you work out how much to invoice?

    Anyone else have employers pay their 10% in one go? Have you been creating your own reports to work out who has paid and who hasn’t? You can’t be using the co-funding report to spot these if they paid last year.



    Hi Ruth

    We only deal with non-levy (PHEW!) and yes, we have created our own reports along with the payment schedules PICS calculates for us. Our employers either pay up front in one lump sum or monthly, whichever is best for them. We have set up a separate bank account for employer co-investment and I update my records from the monthly bank statement, update the ILR and chase any outstanding monies.

    Hope this helps.


    Ruth CJ

    Yes, that’s useful to know 🙂 We have a mix of instalments and lump sum too. I need to get on with doing a report spec for outstanding contributions.

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