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  • simonl

    Is there a way to identify in the funding reports SME’s that are on the App service? We have to record them in the ILR as levy although they are not levy so not sure how we will spot them on the reports.




    The Apps Monthly Payment Report separates them out on Funding Line Type? So you get “19+ Apprenticeship (Employer on App Service) Levy funding” and “19+ Apprenticeship (Employer on App Service) Non-Levy funding”. The Indicative report doesn’t though…

    I think/hope, at some point, they’ll add ACT 3 for these learners, the code is already there for 20/21, it’s just not assigned yet…


    Ruth CJ

    Not until the month end reports, no! We thought of that early on and we use ACT code 9 internally for non-levy payers on DAS, and switch all the 9’s to 1’s in the ILR output. Then our report writers can pull together the FIS outputs and our internal data, to work out the difference between the levy and non-levy.

    It’s really daft, they should have assigned ACT 3 for non-levy but on DAS. The overlap will go on for years with some of the longer apprenticeships.



    Thanks guys, it was the Ind report I was looking at Steve.


    Martin West

    This is identified on the final Apps Monthly Payment Report only, on all previous funding reports the funding line is recorded as (Age) and Apprenticeship (Employer on App Service) but on the final payment report this has appended either Levy funding or Non-Levy funding to indicate Levy paying employer and (SME) Non-Levy paying employer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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