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    Hi, we have a learner currently on our Study Programme who has now completed all her learning aims. She is progressing to complete her level 2 in Maths. As we are already claiming full-time for this learner do we just add the aim to her current record on our PICS system and update her Training Plan accordingly?


    Martin West

    That would be correct.



    You can either add the aim to the existing episode in PICS, or start a new episode with this aim. Which you choose will depend largely on how you want her to appear in PICS reports: starting a new episode will mean that it will show separately in reports like the occupancy list, which may be what you want. I realise that the learner already has full-time hours; in general, though, you may wish to adjust the hours if you go for a single-episode approach. If you start a separate episode, then PICS will add together the planned hours for both episodes when exporting an ILR and when calculating funding. It would be correct to show the new aim as a core aim (type 5) as long as this doesn’t overlap with the existing core aim.



    Thanks Luke, that sounds like a better idea. I take it I just click on the create a new episode and just complete the new record with new dates etc?



    Exactly so. Give our support line a ring if you have any problems.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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