STULOAD how to calculate for apprentices

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    Still working through the new HE errors.

    STULOAD_04 says we must return STULOAD as a percentage of full time equivalence. How can we calculate this with apprentices working and learning and having no non apprentices to compare to?

    The HESA documentation does not make any mention of STULOAD



    There are a huge amount of HESA docs about STULOAD as it’s the bane of HE providers’ reporting lives. Some details are here:

    In a (very condensed) nutshell, estimates are based on credits or time. Personally I find credits easier. A normal FT student on a degree will do 120 credits in an academic year and have a STULOAD of 100.0. Your apprentices are then a percentage of that, eg if they’re doing 60 credits STULOAD will be 050.0.

    STULOAD is always based on what is studied within the period 1st Aug – 31st July, so non-standard years get a little trickier but as long as you remember the standard academic year it gets easier.




    thanks for finding that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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