Submit Learner Data – The XML is not well formed

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  • SDevonCA

    Hi all,

    is anybody else experiencing issues with the Submit Learner Data when trying to import an XML file for 19/20 R14?
    The file doesn’t seem to go through with an error message appearing to say the XML is not well formed?
    Its definitely a 19/20 output and we have processed it through the R14 return period on Submit learner data.

    Thanks everyone



    Sue Bishop

    Yep, I had a couple of those warnings last week. I exported a new file and went through upload again and all was OK.

    Just a glitch I think.




    Thanks Sue,

    I’ve tried it 3 times so far this morning and still no joy!!!!


    Caspar Verney

    Do you use FIS? Will your file go through that OK? If not then does your MIS give you the opportunity to exclude Learners? Or are you happy to look at the XML file in Notepad? What I would suggest is to try a file with just a single Learner in – if that doesn’t work then you must have a data structure issue, but if it does work then keep adding Learners until it goes wrong again – maybe one of them has a messed up record?

    Given that R14 is a Hard Close for the year, if you cannot fix it then talk to the ESFA sooner rather than later as that way you can prove your efforts.




    We had that issue with R01 and R02 and it was due to the agreement ID no longer being needed for 2020-21, so I had to manually take them all out in notepad.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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