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  • donna1805

    Hi – Has anyone had their success rates from the ESFA today?



    Sorry Donna, what do you mean? There aren’t Qualification Achievement Rates this year? What other success rate do you mean?



    Sorry – I didnt make that clear they are for 2018-2019, also do you know if the minimum standard is 62% – what would happen if you were 62.1%??

    Thank you



    Um, still not much clearer, the 18/19 data has been out since March?

    Minimum Standards are a *very* specific calculation at Framework/Standard level where you can easily have an average over 62% and *not* meet MS.
    22. Due to the nature of the Minimum Standards calculation, it is possible to fall
    below the tolerance level and have an overall QAR above either the national or
    provider type rates. For example, a provider delivering 100 apprenticeships in the
    2018 to 2019 hybrid end year delivered:
    a. 50 retail apprenticeship frameworks with a QAR of 46% (23 achieved) and
    b. 50 engineering apprenticeship standards with a QAR of 80% (40 achieved).
    The overall QAR would be 63% but the provider would fall below Minimum
    Standards because more than 40% of their cohort were on an apprenticeship with a
    QAR below the 62% threshold.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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