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    I’m sure this is a “no”, but as our Programme Team have asked the question, and I can’t find anything in guidance/regulations to say we can’t (but you clever people out there may know different?)
    Can an employer pay a learner placed with them as a Supported Internship? They are saying this learner is doing really well and they want to reward them. All I can find in is Internships normally last for a year and include unpaid work placements of at least six months.
    Anyone want to predict what trouble Ill get into if the employer does start paying the Intern?



    If it’s not expressly forbidden within the guidance, I don’t see what the problem would be. I’ve previously known of Study Programme learners getting paid by the company at the work placement they’re placed on without it causing any issues. It’s not like they’re actually *employed* at that point – it’s still just a placement.



    Thanks for response, any thoughts on how they are paying them without a contract, at which point they’d be employing them and we’d get into can then still be on programme with us?




    No placements should be unpaid. It is in the work experience/supported internship guidance as follows:

    Supported internships
    Another strand of study programmes, the supported internships programme, is designed
    to support young people with complex needs who need a higher level of support to
    access employment. The programme is for young people with a Learning Difficulty
    Assessment (LDA) or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan). A supported
    internship provides a structured study programme, based at an employer’s premises, that
    is tailored to the individual needs of the young person and equips them with the skills
    they need for the workplace. This includes on-the-job training, backed by expert ‘job
    coaches’, to support interns and employers, and the give the opportunity to study for
    relevant qualifications – where appropriate. The supported internship normally lasts for a
    year and includes an unpaid work experience placement of at least six months.





    Again, though, if there’s no contract then they’re not employed and if they’re not employed it’s not like it’s a wage. It could effectively be seen as financial support to help the learner with travel and other associated costs – lunch, suitable clothing, etc – and I don’t see that something like that would be against the rules of the programme.



    I mean, why on earth would you want to dissuade an employer from rewarding a young person for doing well when they’ve previously found difficulty in getting into work or education?



    Thanks again for response, sometimes you just wish you weren’t asked the question, what you don’t know about you can’t be responsible for!

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