The beta version of the Cross Year Indicative Payments Reports has launched

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    We have published a new report at R03 to help you understand what makes up your apprenticeship payments from August to November, during the overlap of ILR funding years.

    This report breaks down the payments from your funding summary reports over this period to indicate the funding you are likely to see on your remittance advice for your non-levy procured apprenticeships and for your apprenticeships where the employer is on the Apprenticeship Service. For your non-levy procured contracts, this report also shows the amount of capping that may be applied.

    You can find this report in your period end reports folder, with the submission history section on Submit Learner Data.

    For further information and queries please use the ESFA enquiry form.


    Sue Bishop

    Could this report be included every month, it’s very useful for tracking non-levy contract and highlighting any capping.


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    We have created a YouTube video to support the introduction of the new Cross-year Indicative Payments report, which we issued as a Beta version for ILR collection period R03.

    The video contains a walkthrough of the new report, and also explains some of the concepts we use to make and combine payments. We hope the report and video may be useful to apprenticeship providers in reconciling their remittance advices for November.

    The video may be accessed on YouTube here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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