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    Am I right in believing that timely achievement rates based on the PED have been scrapped? I think i heard this at an FE seminar but i could be kidding myself.

    I’m thinking this because they have said the PED’s will not include the EPA period, and the new Standards request a separate Actual End (last day of learning). So providing the learning delivery is completed on time and the Actual end date is within that the completion is timely even if the Achievement date (last day of learning + EPA period), is way over the PED?

    Concerned we are going to come full circle with the PED’s being used for timely completions that are realistic because they don’t match the achievement dates.



    For 18/19 there is no Timely calculation for STANDARDS (there’s still one for any remaining frameworks).

    For 19/20 there will be something (probably called timely) calculated using the *achievement date* that, just like the old days, we have to add for those who finish after 1 August.



    Thanks Steveh,

    That’s good to know

    With the Achievement dates i am right in understanding that it is different to the Actual end date…..and that the Achievement date is the Actual end date + the EPA period but only input when the outcome is known!?




    To the best of my understanding (!!!), yes, that’s right. Actual End Date after 1 August will be end of the practical period, Achievement Date will be when they pass the EPA.



    The Achievement Date is actually the date the learner takes the EPA – see the ILR changes webinar Q&A document on the ILR 2019/2020 ESFA site. The outcome would be recorded as 8 – ‘Learning activities are complete, but the outcome is not yet known’ until the Outcome can be changed to Achieved or No Achievement. The Achievement Date field should be completed whether the learner passes or fails the EPA – this will generate the completion payment.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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