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    I’ve looked through the guidances and some posts on here but still not 100% sure.

    Does the timely timeframes of 3 months after PED still apply or is the timely not applicable now for standards?

    We are in Engineering and still not fully established for EPA and with some PEDs looming next year we are a bit concerned about our current high timely achievement rates!

    Thanks as always


    Martin West

    The following is from the QAR business rules for 2017 to 2018:
    8 We will exclude apprenticeship standards from the timely achievement rates. We are excluding these because providers have raised concerns about how we calculate timely achievement rates for apprenticeship standards. This is because the ‘Learning planned end date’ of an apprenticeship standard recorded in the ILR includes both the learning delivery element and end point assessment (EPA) element; where the timing of the EPA is not entirely in a provider’s control. Therefore, we will suspend timely QARs for standards until we have implemented a way for providers to record reaching gateway (when they are ready to take their EPA).

    You will note from the above that they have only suspend timely QARs for standards so it would be prudent to review how you set future durations.



    The lack of direction on this matter is a bit unsettling and I would not be surprised if Standards become included in the timely calc for 18/19. In the section Martin has highlighted the ESFA have said that they will exempt QARs for standards until such a time that providers can collect a date for reaching gateway.

    This has not been added to the ILR for 18/19 and there will be a significantly higher volume of apprentices completing standards in this year than previous which will create a problem for Ofsted when measuring provider performance.

    This makes me think that one of the following will happen;

    a) the Agency/Ofsted will abandon the timely measure which feels unlikely given how much emphasis Ofsted place upon this.
    b) they will apply current methodology to standards on the basis that the planned end actual end dates are both supposed to factor end point in.

    I would suggest that the latter is most likely (they have tweaked some of the working in the guidance documents) and on this basis I would recommend including standards within your timely measure. I think most providers will be doing this anyway as the planned end date will have been a target date you will have used with learners and employers.

    My view is that part of the original reasoning behind not including standards in the timely calc was to do with the lack of EPA Organisations which although still an issue, is starting to reduce. Time will tell – and we will probably find out towards the end of the current academic year – but it would be wise to be monitoring this.



    Thanks both, helpful yet frustrating as always

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