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  • Sunny

    Apologies if this issue has been discussed but wonder if someone can quickly advise me how to input the data for TNP1.
    For example the total agreed apprenticeship price £18,000 is agreed with the levy employer and DAS in 17/18; this price is including the EPA cost. However as we don’t know the EPAO and EPA cost at start, we can’t put the TNP2 on the system. Shall I just record TNP1 as £18,000 in 17/18 ILR return? I am sure the data will be validated but can we change TNP1 and TNP2 in 18/19 or 19/20 when we know who the EPAO is? Is there any impact on co-investment report?

    Many thanks in advance.


    Martin West

    TNP 1 should reflect your training costs only that said others have recorded TNP 1 as the total where they do not know the EPA costs but this is against the instruction from the ESFA.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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