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    Hi all

    Not sure if I am being silly again, but I am having the below error on the Rule Violation report:

    “The current duration of the programme exceeds the maximum allowed duration for a traineeship”

    Yes, the learner has gone over the 6 months, but that is because we thought we were able to because of the new COVID temporary rules below:
    “During this period, providers can extend the traineeship programme duration up to 12 months where one or more of the following scenarios applies”

    Do i need to select something to make this happen or?

    Many thanks



    We have had the same issue as well. I contacted the help desk on Monday to see if we had to do anything to avoid the rejections when submitting. I am still waiting for an answer from the help desk.



    Thank you for commenting! Yes, I just called the helpdesk too but they couldn’t answer on the phone. They must still be looking into it.


    Martin West

    I expect the new validation rules version 6 are not included in FIS or the SLD yet.



    V6 of the validation rules released earlier today sorts these out:

    There’s a bunch of rules that have been updated to extend the traineeship length. Would *assume* they’ve been applied to SLD, or are going to be very soon…



    Thank you for the above. I have just ran a file through SLD and unfortunately our learner is still erroring due to this issue, so they mustn’t have added that exception yet.



    For info. Just resubmitted our ILR and the errors still came up, submitted anyway.



    Hi, I had a response from the ESFA on this one. Our learners PED was prior to the lockdown, so doesn’t meet the requirement. But looks like they are fixing this error for next months submission?

    “Thank you for contacting the Service Desk regarding the ProgType_13 error. After checking the data I can confirm that the learner should have completed their 6 months Traineeship before the Covid-19 lockdown on the 23 March, which affected business closure. Due to this the learners are not in scope for the extension and should be withdrawn/ completed as per the normal Traineeship policy.

    Any Traineeship learners that were expected to complete after the 23 March will be given an extension to their programme for up 12 months and the error will automatically clear for the R11 data return.

    Kind regards
    Service Desk”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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