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  • Jon Wells

    Hi ,

    As the Flexible element of the Traineeship comes under the usual AEB Funding rules, am I right in thinking that to deliver a level 2 qualification, if it’s the first it must a be a full level 2 under legal entitlement?

    The scenario is we have some learners who have just completed a Level 1 in Horticulture and want to progress to a Traineeship with the flexible element of a Level 2 Horticulture. On LARS as this is only categorised as “Local Flexibility” not legal entitlement I assume therefore this wouldn’t be funded?

    Thanks in advance




    Hi Jon

    Looking at the exceptions for LearnDelFAMType_61, traineeships don’t trigger it, so it appears that you can use Local Flex aims for these learners:

    For starts after 31 July 2017 (LearningDelivery.LearnStartDate > 2017-07-31), and are adult skills funded (LearningDelivery.FundModel = 35), for learners aged between 19 -23 at the start of the aim ((LearningDelivery.LearnStartDate – Learner.DateOfBirth) >= 19 years and <=23 years), for aims that are level 2 (LearningDelivery.LearnAimRef = LARS_LearnAimRef and LARS_NotionalNVQLevelv2 = 2) and not in the entitlement category (LARS_CategoryRef <> 37), full funding cannot be claimed

    (error where (LearningDeliveryFAM.LearnDelFAMType = FFI and LearningDeliveryFAM.LearnDelFAMCode = 1)

    (This rule is not triggered by apprenticeships (DD07 = Y),
    traineeship non work prep/experience (DD29 = Y),


    Martin West

    Hi Jon,
    It is only the core elements of their traineeship programme that are fully funded, the flexible element is funded in line with the general funding and ESFA funded AEB eligibility rules so the level 2 in Horticulture would be either co-funded or not funded at all depending on prior attainment and age.



    Sorry, Martin’s right, that validation rule doesn’t trigger because of the situation where a learner does an FL2 and then a Local Flex in the same year, not just because they’re on a Traineeship.

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    Jon Wells

    Thanks both – appreciate the responses, due to the Age & prior attainment not fundable in this case.




    We have been looking at this as well with our Traineeships, one of our sub-contractors want to get around the issue by delivering non-regulated provision at level 1 – I can’t see anywhere in the rules to confirm that this can be fully funded (or not). Although it is level 1, it is not categorised as local flexibility and the student will not be getting a Level 1 qualification so……?



    Found the answer in the Learning Aims Class Codes document.

    Adult Education Budget Funded Provision
    9. As part of local flexibility, you can use non-regulated learning aims in 2019 to 2020 as set out in the Adult education budget funding rules 2019 to 2020 and the Qualifications eligible for public funding guidance.

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