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    I wonder if someone can help please. We have just received this error when exporting which is strange because this does not show on our other Traineeship Learners, and they are all the same.
    LearnerStartDate=10/11/2014 – An Employment Status record has not been returned that Applies prior to this Learning start date.
    Within the ILR spec it states for EFA use EII only, but these learners are not employed and prior to, most have been in education.
    Can you help?


    Caspar Verney

    I think that you need to add an Employment Status record with a date before the LearnStartDate. This can be just one day before (you might even get away with it being the same day, but you would have to test that – I rather suspect that it must be at least the day before). If you just code it to say that they were unemployed and looking for work (EmpStat = 11 and with LOU = 1, so minimal time, and PEI = 1, if appropriate), then I think that should work.

    However the curious thing to me is that you say that this appears to only one Learner within a cohort of nominally identical Learners. So maybe you need to open your XML file and compare the problem learner with one that does not error as the difference may be more subtle.




    I have changed the record to 11 with an LOU and this seems to have removed them from the export. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated.

    Yes it is curious the other Learners have not been raised as an error and I still cannot see any difference, even thought it may be their age that affected where they were prior, but still nothing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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