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    Morning All,

    Please could you advise, I will start by saying I dislike traineeships as we don’t deal with them enough for me to be confident enough about our data.

    We have a cohort that started 20/07/2020 and planned hours for this contract year is 40 hours which we have recorded in the 2019_20 learning Hours with no EEP, they then continue their traineeship into 2020_21 with Learning hours 115 and EEP 135.

    I’ve done a data submission for R12 already and noticed these learners appear on our reports but they do not attract funding for 2019_20. Am I right in thinking that is because we would only be delivering 40 hours this contract year so it hasn’t triggered payment and it wont until the R01 upload for 2020_21?

    Is there some where in the guidance documents that would highlight this so I can take it to my managers rather than just saying “I think it’s because..”.

    Many thanks for your help.




    I think it’s the length of time, not the hours. Because they’re only on programme for 11 days in 19/20 and study progs have to be two weeks?

    P93 19/20 Guidance

    93. The ESFA does not fund study programmes of less than 2 weeks’ duration. Whilst there is no minimum number of hours that a study programme must have, from this year no student’s planned hours should exceed 40 hours per week.

    Also, P31 of 19/20 rates and formula:

    31. Some students will have programmes planned in twelve month blocks that do not
    match the funding year (August to July). We determine the funding band for these
    students by the number of planned hours assigned to them in the funding year. Therefore
    it is possible for a learner to be funded as full time in one year and part time in the next,
    or part time in both years, even though their attendance pattern and timetable is the
    same as students on full time programmes.



    thank you @steveh

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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