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  • Caspar Verney

    According to the LARS was updated on Friday night.

    I have run a Batch File through FIS today with the latest LARS and now the Traineeships do not cause an error, so one step forward. HOWEVER the PFR report shows zero funding for Traineeships, so three steps backwards!

    Has anyone else managed to get funding to show for a Traineeship, please, or is this just FIS?

    If you did then please can you share as much detail as possible?

    Many thanks,



    Have you checked that the correct funding model has been used for your Traineeships? For 16-19 Traineeships the funding model should be 25 and for 19+ Traineeships the funding model should be 35. If the provider does not have an EFA contract, the Source of funding should be recorded as Skills Funding Agency. Hope that helps.



    We’re not seeing any funding either. Also about 70% of our 16-18 EFA learners are not generating any funding either, the majority of these have no validation errors which is a bit of a puzzler.


    Caspar Verney

    The Fund Model is correct (25 for 16-18) and all other data as far as I can see. The Traineeship students now pass through FIS without any Errors at all (if the wrong FundModel is used then shouldn’t FIS say something complaining?), it is just that they show zero funding. I have a suggestion to try the file through FIS again as some further update has been done today, but I haven’t had any time to try this. If that doesn’t work then I have been asked to send my Batch File to the Service Desk – I just hope they can produce an answer before Wednesday!



    I also can’t see any funding for Traineeship Learners submitted with the correct funding model, who are showing as Valid on the Validation Rules Summary from OLDC. Does anyone know if this has been resolved.


    Caspar Verney

    The latest from the IA is that the Funding Reports are inaccurate (please see ). Thus Traineeships are showing zero funding and we can only assume that the data is correct when there are no FIS errors, since we have nothing else to go on. I cannot see there being any improvement to this situation before the R03 hard close.

    If you cannot get your file to be any cleaner then if you just submit it as is then you will at least satisfy the “expectation” that Providers should try and make a data return (if you are required to). If technical issues prevent you from getting your data any better (eg non-working FIS, insufficient time to get help from the Data Service, lack of LARS, no proper PFR, no DSAT, general confusion in the Sector, etc., etc.) then the Authorities would be entirely out of order to criticise (including at Audit).

    Clearly the next updates to FIS will be interesting to see which issues get resolved and which remain (or are new), but that will not happen until after the R03 hard close – next Monday is the current prediction for the next FIS issue.

    Fingers crossed!


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